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French in Action

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Welcome to frenchinaction!

This community is for everyone who is currently studying (or has studied) French in Action, otherwise known as the Capretz Method of learning French. It is commonly used at both the collegiate and high school level in the United States, and has been one of the standards of French education since the 1980s.

You can use this community to discuss your work, get moral support, review the mise en œuvre and workbook, chat about the films, and otherwise discuss your French learning. You can also talk about any other French-related projects you're working on, including reports and trips abroad.


• Entries should not be entirely in French, unless you are also providing a translation. This is a learning community, not one for fluent speakers and readers, and posts of that nature are not helpful for most early students.

• Use proper accents when posting. "Ce" and "çe" mean two different things. If you do not already know how to make accents and special characters, please see this page for a "cheat sheet."

• Do not promote other communities that are not related to France, French, or other Francophone topics. Please keep promotions of relevant communities limited to one promotion per community. Do not include images.

Absolutely no marquees or wildly blinking images. This is out of respect for users with visual impairment and others who might be using screen readers. The maintainer reserves the right to delete entries containing these things without warning.

• Related to the above, please keep font modifications to a necessary minimum. Italicizing, bolding, and underlining are often necessary; enlarging rarely is.


This is not a "do my homework" community. There is a difference between using the community as a virtual study group, and using it to con other people into doing your assignments. Anyone making posts that are clearly pleas for people to do their work for them will find their posts deleted. If this occurs repeatedly, the community members in question will be banned, both from posting new entries and commenting to all others.

Audio files

If you would like to have audio files (QuickTime format) of the entire French in Action series, feel free to contact the community maintainer. All files sent will be zipped into folders, one for each leçon. These files were legally obtained and are distributed in good faith.

No movie files are available at this time; please check your local PBS affiliate to for air times.

A note about spoilers

French in Action is taught, of course, using fabulously '80s videos featuring Mireille and Robert. You start watching because it's required — you keep watching because it sucks you in and won't let go. FiA is arguably the most addictive academic soap opera in history. Due to this, please do not post spoilers! If you want to get really specific about a leçon or episode, please use an lj-cut to hide the revealing content. For example, don't tell people Mireille gets killed in a car crash in the final episode! (Okay, okay, she doesn't.)